Deadline 1: Manufacture of Products

IRONBAG is a company that produces craft with the utmost care. They are craft products that just begin to be manufactured after purchase confirmation. Exclusive products for customers who are different and looking for something personal. The production period of each bag, after confirmation of payment, takes on averade 8 (eight) business days for the PREMIUM line and 4 (four) business days for the POP line, wich may vary for less or more. However, there will be personal contact if a longer period is required 

ATTENTION: these deadlines refer to the production of items. The deadlines for posting and logistics are inappropriate deadlines, defined by the post office, extractec from the system and informed at the time of purchase.

Deadline 2:  Delivery - Logistic 

Shipping is done by the Logistic Operator at the discretion of Iron Bag as soon as your order is available for posting. The mode is made through the PAC mode (Freight Free) or SEDEX (Freight Paid) within the Brazilian Territory. Other logistics services or operators may be available in both domestic and international shipments. International freight will always be on behalf of the customer. 

Once you've posted, you'll receive a product tracking code. The deadlines for delivery are defined from the parameters reported by the Post Office or other logistics companies and may vary. The simulation of the deadline can be done on the site, through the insertion of the zip code, however, it is an estimate of the post office itself, and may way more or less.

ATTENTION:  The posting and logistics deadlines are improper deadlines, defined by the post office, extracted from the system and informed at the time of purchase, and may vary. The total count of the deadline takes into account the time of production of the bag (deadline 1) + the delivery time defined by the logistics operator (deadline 2).

It is the buyer's responsibility to correct the information regarding the recipient of the product, complete address and zip code. Any incorrect or incomplete information that delays in the delivery or return of the merchandise will exempt us from the responsibility of bearing the costs of return and resend.

DELAYS: Through the processes of logs, being a possibility.
If an order does not arrive within the deadline  specified by the logistic operator, it is necessary for the customer to contact us at, informing the order number, the full name so that it can be opened with a complaint requesting delivery urgency. If a complaint is confirmed as lost, after a response of the manifestation to the logistics system, we will refund your money and send a new order. 

In accordance with our policies and coditions make your purchase on our website.