Iron Bag Pop Pink Large

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Large bag thermal + Acessory combo


Weight: 5,29 lbs

Height: 10,13"

Width: 13,38"

Depth: 8,66"

IRON BAG  POP PINK LARGE is beautiful! A large  fitness bag with unique and patented design, quality materials and a complete accessory combo! Perfect for those who spend a great time away from home or for those who eat a lot of meals, including pre and post workout. Ideal for keeping your diet under control.


  • Total volume of 3,17 gal
  • High strength outer synthetic leather trim 
  • Internal coating in silver laminate of easy hygiene
  • DUAL and aluminized insulation with high thermal performance
  • Hard ince on plate with great thermal conservation efficiency 
  • Maximum storage time ffrom 08 to 10 hours, depending on external conditions


Bandeja antivazamento
Anti-freeze tray 

System of collection of liquids with removable tray anti-freeze, designed exclusively for its IRON BAG

Alto índice de conservação térmica
High thermal index 

DUAL inner coating with 10 mm thick 

Combo completo de acessórios inclusos
Combo complement of accessories included

All IRON BAGS already come with an accessory combo. Check the list of this model in the section below

Ferragens em metal cromado

Hardware in chromed metal

The hardware of your IRON BAG POP are in first-line chromed metal

Materiais de alta qualidade
High quality materials 

Same materials as the world's largest manufacturer of sports products, with high impact stitching and manual finishing


1 Pote De 780ml BPA Free, Com Talheres Em Polipropileno De Alta Resistência

1  BPA Free Pot 0,206 gal with high strength polypropylene flatware

2 Potes De 780ml BPA Free, Com Travas

2 BPA Free Pots 0,206 gal with lacthes 

1 Coqueteleira IRON BOTTLE BPA Free De 500ml Com Mixer, Porta Pílula E Porta Whey

1 IRON BOTTLE BPA Free Mixer 0,132 gal with mixer, compartment of pills and whey holder

1 Squeeze IRON BOTTLE BPA Free De 600ml

1 Squeeze IRON BOTTLE BPA Free de 0,158 gal 


2 High Performance Rigid Ice Boards with 0,145 gal